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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  October 12, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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and few make news anymore but such is not the case with stephon mays. he is viewed as a local hero. he gave up his life fighting for his band of brothers. >> reporter: the flag-draped casket followed closely by family and friends, a bronze star, purple heart and good conduct medal awarded at the funeral by the army. all of this in memories of army specialist. his community honoring him and his family's sacrifice. >> just grieve stricken. he was a wonderful kid. places that he travelled in afghanistan are similar to the places they traveled. we went to many of the same places. i have to say that stephon did a lot more heavy lifting over there of the real work work than di. >> reporter: was one of eight u.s. soldiers killed on october 3rd in afghanistan.
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during a firefight against more than 200 taliban. today outsuftd church the patriot guard riders stood at the baptist church while inside at the funeral services friends and family remembered stephon mace as a football and baseball player who loved hunting and fishing. who was recently given a bible and clung to it. . >> if i could change anything in my past, it would only be two things. i would have liked to have enlisted instead of stephon and i would have preferred for him to speak at my funeral. >> reporter: an american flag at a memorial arch in front of the church hung from fire towers broughthere by volunteers who wanted to say thanks. >> we're here today because this young man was part of our community and we want to pay tribute to him in the best way that key can and to show our support. >> reporter: stephon mace will
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be bur weed full military honors this coming monday at arlington national cemetery. live in loudoun county. back to you now in the studio. >> chris gordon, thank you. dozens of people were killed in a suicide bombing in pakistan today as authorities learn more about a deadly attack last weekend. police say at least 41 people were killed in today's car bombing. the bomber struckate checkpoint n nornear a market in the volatile swat valley. a weekend attack on the pakistani army's headquarters. 22-hour assault killed 14 people along with nine militants. the army confirmed today that the leader of the attack was a militant from the heart of pakistan. that's an ominous development because it suggests that the taliban's influence has spread beyond their stronghold at the afghan border. and it could also complicate afghanistan's efforts to crack down on the lawless frontier region. that effort is seen as vital to the u.s. mission in afghanistan. north korea conducted some
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new missile tests today. south korea's news agency reports that the north test fired short-range missiles today. a range of 75 miles. fired from mobile launchpads. this is the first report of launches since north korea conducted a barrage of ballistic missile tests in early july. those tests heightened international test over ongyang's nuclear and missile programs. today's launches come despite signs that the north is reaching out to south korea and to the u.s. today secretary of state hillary rodham clinton said efforts to proceed with disarmament talks with north korea will proceed despite these new tests. a man was killed in a double shooting near nationals park this afternoon, it happened in the 1300 block of first street southwest. that's just a couple of blocks from the ballpark. two people were shot. both were taken to george washington hospital where one died. there's word police found the weapon at the scene but it is not clear who that weapon belongs to. a 21-year-old man is in the
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hospital if this evening. he was shot trying to stop a robbery at a d.c. convenient store over the weekend. the man's family owns this store and when he saw someone trying to rob it, he sprung into action. pat collins that report tonight. >> i never thought i would get. >> reporter: words tonight from the hospital bed of clinton price jr. in 1967 robert price opened the place. then he turned it over to his son clinton who runs it now with his son clinton jr.
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he was shot saturday as he came to the defense of a woman inside of the store. he was beating her up pretty bad? >> he was beating herup that's what made me like, i was shocked. i had to say, please don't kill her, sir. >> reporter: this happened around 3:00 in the afternoon. a young woman comes into the price's store to buy some things. she has $100 bill. she gets $10 worth of groceries. she takes the change and puts it in her pocket. a guy in the store goes after the money. he grabs the woman. he slams herphead against the bulletproof glass. clinton jr. sees what's going on. he comes out to help the woman. he fights the guy. knocks the guy to the ground but that guy, that guy had a gun and he fired a shot that hit clinton jr. >> i thought we had restrained. i thought the fight was over since we had already beat him up and then he pulled out a gun and shot me. shoot my dad and my dad was still out there too. >> clinton said, "dad, i'm shot." falls down. i looked at the guy and he tried
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to pull the trigger. it got jammed. i shut the door. >> my son was courageous at the time. he gave all that he could and almost gave his life and nothing more that i say about that. >> reporter: that gunman ran from the store, stole a car, cracked it up on 16th street northwest near the carter baron and continued his escape on foot. so far no arrests in e case. i'm pat collins, news4 washington. >> tonight the two men vying to become virginia's next governor will go head to head in their first primetime televised debate. tonight's hour-long debate is critical for democrat creigh deeds. trailing his opponent bob mcdonnell in two statewide poll. the debate gets under way at 8:00 tonight in richmond. over the weekend, a mason-dixon poll showed 48% of voters support mcdonnell.
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that's 8% more within it supports deeds 12% of voters remain undecided. deeds leads in northern virginia. tonight is one of two of remaining televised debates. people across many parts of this count rear weathering this season's first blast of winter. as leeann gregg reports in places like colorado, it's already causing some serious problems on the roadings. >> reporter: in colorado, cold and slippery -- >> we've got one sideways. >> reporter: a wintry mix of snow and rain caused a 60-car pileup south of denver. >> vehicles were bouncing back and forth across the road and 360s, it was -- it was pretty scary. >> reporter: this truck jackknifed tumbling the 65 cattle inside. some escaped on their own. others had to be rescued. a fedex truck that slid off of the highway sent packages flying scattering boxes along the roadside. >> we're just trying to get motorists to come down, slow
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down in this ice. it's black ice. you can't even see it's here. >> reporter: it's part of an early arctic blast that's gripping the nation's midsection. the colorado rockies and philadelphia phillies playoff game in denver was called because of snow saturday. they played sunday with temperatures below freezing. >> just bundle up and have a blanket and stay cozy. >> reporter: to the north, portions of minnesota, wisconsin and upper michigan could see up to two inches of my snow today. >> i just looked out my window and i saw the snow and a big surprise. >> reporter: areas of the high plains and rocky mountain west are setting records for cold temperatures and snowfall. >> it is cold. windows are frozen but it's fun. >> reporter: and with skiers it's what they wait all season are. >> well this is the earliest i've seen it at least from minnesota. >> reporter: with winter still officially more than two months away, a preview of what's to come. leeann gregg, news4.
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>> for more on our weather we want to head upstairs. bob ryan standing by. >> we've seen in years past som those first snows out of the rockies. that's where they'll stay. we've got a chilly day. look at the clouds, and once again, rain. this is rain missing us. that's going to be moving on out later if the week. we will be seeing som of that storminess that's a pattern out to the west. begin to come our way. in the meantime, though, o temperatures right now it's a bundle up evening but also seeing a return of nicer october weather before some of the wet, wet stuff, cold wet stuff comes our way. i will explain that when i join you. >> all right, thank you, bob. coming up on news4 at 6:00, we'll tell you about new evidence of what appears take particularly effective way to fight swine flu. and also the health industry is throwing a potential road block. owners of sidekick phones may have lost all of the personal information they've put onto the device. we'll tell you why.
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and also hear from the first woman to ever win the nobel prize in economics. >> lindsay, what's ahead in sports? >> reporter: doreen, coming up in sports the cowboys and the chiefs need overtime to settle their battle. meanwhile the redskins trying to refocus after their loss. and besides all of the refocusing and reenergizing the dskins are doing, they'll have to do it without starting left tackle, chris samuels.
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it's easy to understand why people who own a t-mobile sidekick phone may be feeling a little lost late low. t-mobile say the users may have lost all of personal data they stored on their phones and including all of their contacts. normally that data is restored from remote servers at microsoft but that technology failed and wiped out all of the data. for now t-mobile is offering customers a $20 refund and telling them not to reset their phones. it's not clear how many customers have been affected since the phone has never been a huge seller since it hit the market about seven years ago. president obama has hit another road block in his push for health care reform. the bill comes up for vote in front of the senate finance committee but now the insurance industry has turned against him. steve handelsman has that report tonight. >> reporter: ever since he put health care on front burner, president obama has bragged that big insurance is in the kitchen with him kicking up reform. well, not today. so when did you get these numbers?
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>> we got the numbers yesterday. >> reporter: insurance industry spokesman robert zerklebox. his figures are bad news for the democrats. the alysis by pricewaterhousecoopers would rise in 2013. $4,000 a year by 2019. under the main senate democratic plan. why? the penalties for not buying insurance have been scaled back in the senate bill that's up for committee vote tomorrow. >> if do you market reforms that don't require everybody to participate and then there is a powerful incentive for people to simply wait to be sick. to purchase coverage. that drives up cost for all policyholders. >> reporter: insurance companies have been saying that for months in their ads. >> if everyone's covered we can make health care as affordable as possible. >> reporter: but the white house is calling the new study unreliable, a predictable hit job. to some it's a rerun of 1993, bill and hillary clinton's reform plan beaten by big
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insurance. >> the insurance industry is panicky. >> reporter: reform backer richard kirsch. >> what we've always known is the industry would only support reforms that would increase their profits. >> reporter: big insurance companies say they do support. they still support universal coverage to help their bottom line and help the nation. the big question is how many moderate democrats will buy this new insurance industry warning and by the new numbers and at this 11th ur, demand a n look at reform. i'm steve handelsman, news4, capitol hill. >> the white house released this afternoon, disrted and flawed. the white house claims the analysis ignores policies that would lower costs for americans who have insurance. it was a mixed day on wall street today after stocks shot out of the gate first thing this morning. at one point the dow hit a new high for the year at 9,931. but tech stocks retreated later
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in the day and the dow finished with a 20 to-point gain. the nasdaq was flat with a loves less than one point. and the s&p gained four points today. a new survey shows that more than 80% of private economists in this country believe the recession is over and an expansion has begun. that survey was released by the national association from business economics. economists say they expect the economy to expand at the rate of 3 per in the second half of this year and about the same name the 2010. the economists say that the housing market recovery will gain momentum next year. they look for housing prices to rise 2% in 2010. two americans are being awarded the nobel prize for economics. elinor ostrom. oliver williamson also won the award. he's an economist at the california of berkeley. ostrom got the news this
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morning. >> we've already entered a new era and we recognize that women have the capabilities of doing great scientific work, and yes, i appreciate that this is an honor to be the first woman but i won't be the last. >> how about that? 11 of the 13 nobel prize winners this year are u.s. citizens and of course president barack obama was announced friedday that he won the nobel peace prize. northern ireland's many parties are at odds over the details of transfer of power from great britain to a local government ran by protestants and catholics. she also addressed the assembly where she was given a standing ovation and also saw two people walk out on her. clinton's visit is seen as important to bringing the sides together but the moment is being somewhat overshadowed by reports
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that she's not included in some u.s. foreign policy discussions. she spoke with the "today" show's ann curry about that. >> i would be irresponsible and negligent, where i said oh, no, everything must come to me. maybe that's a woman's thing. maybe i'm totally secure and absolutely feel no need to go running around in order for people to see what i'm doing. it's just the way i am. >> you can see more of ann curry's interview hillary clinton tonight on nbc "nightly news" with brian williams here on nbc4 at 7:00. coming up in our broad cast in evening some people living in montgomery county are returning to facebook to get information on last week's shooting of a man inside of his garage. doctor's offices, clinics and rail drugstores across the u.s. are reporting shortages of the seasonal flu vaccine. and bob's going to come back with a check on that full forecast.
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a sign that the holidays are rapidly approaching. the ice rink in rockefeller center officially opened today. went for a little spin. the rockefeller ice rink opened for the fit tim on christmas day back in 1936. one of the iconic images of new york sea. >> have you ever done that? >> i have but i'm not very good. but you're great on the ice, as i have heard. >> i am not. it's a small rink.
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i'm nervous to get out there few is do one turn and you go off and say, hey, i've done it. >> and don't you wait go line for about four hours? >> it depends on when you get there. >> well. weather around here, crank up the heat. >> really, ditoo. i had to turn it on. outside today not only chilly day but a day of the changing of the leaves. colors are coming on. tail end of the week, we are finally going to get some rain, and that may help with some of the late changes. folks were bundled up. our high temperature today we made it up to only, only 57 degrees. the morning low temperature second day in a row was 49 degrees. right at home if this were november 16th. and there's some folks who are getting out the parkas a bit. the first below 60-degree day since way back on may 4th. outside now the clouds are breaking a bit. i think that we'll be seein partly cloudy skies tomorrow.
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no rains. easterly wind, are you ready, i just threw it in for fun, windchill 53 degrees with current temperature of 55 degrees. look at the morning low temperatures, we're at 49. 41 in chicago. out in the west it was really cold. rapid city, a record 16 degrees. watertown, new york, was 23 degrees this morning. here we are in the 50s. there's a storm center. looking on the south side of this storm the temperatures are still into the 80s and our temperature has dropped some ten degrees from what it was 24 hours ago. the latest wave and also the latest period of storminess moving to our south. remember the terrible floods now the parts of minnesota, or wisconsin, that is, where they've been getting some snows. onto mississippi and alabama, that's because of that storm track. some areas there have had over 13 inches of rain for the month so far, and once again here's another area of rain to our south. richmond, nor folk area, getting
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rain and heavy rains down into northerning in, in, athens, georgia over three inches of rain. all of that and i think that you get an idea of sliding off to our south. look at shelby north carolina. over three inches of rain for the month. two inches today. meanwhile, minneapolis, 35. here's what it looked like in minneapolis this morning. 2.4 inches of snow in minneapolis. a record for the day. and as you heard even for the folks in minneapolis, they say this is a little bit early. high temperature of only 35 degrees. look at the contrast around the country. cold air and another shot of cold air pouring into the rockies. still very warm and humid to the south. and in between that's where the storms developed. so this is the pattern. another wave coming out as we get later on into the week and next week that will finally dive down in a pattern like that and allow that moisture to come up
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and over us in the form of much-needed rains as we get into thursday and friday. tomorrow though that storm to our south moves off so behind it our winds turn into the northwest. a little bit of a breeze. get bowednesday, high pressure in on us. this first shot i think that will once again pass to our south but then finally another storm will develop and that'll be the one by late thursday night into friday that will be likely to bring some rain in on us. not tonight. temperatures dipping into the low 50s in the next few hours and sky's clear when you get up into tomorrow morning bundle up again. get out the parkas. temperatures could be in the low 40s into some the suburbs. fair. a sunshine and a warm afternoon. about 71 degrees. better than 5 worngs isn't it? you betcha. wednesday is cooler. that chance of rain coming in on thursday and especially friday and with the pattern, i know that some of it may linger and chilly rains into saturday too with on/off showers.
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sunday next week feel more like october. >> it really is fall after all. >> it is. heat's on. heat's on. okay. >> thank you, bob. still coming up on news4, some new studies are showing just how dangerous the swine flu can be especially for children. also have an update on the shooting of an international monetary fund official inside of his beth days garage. >> what are saying about a fire at a buddhist temple at maryland over the weekend. a guy who slept through his own fire in his own house. did not wake up until firefighters were doing a walk-through. >> reporter: the phillies look to knock the rockies from the playoffs, the cowboys travel many miles to face the chiefs. and the redskins regroup after a bad bounce cost them a victory.
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we take a look at some of the stories making headlines tonight. family and friends gather today to honor a fallen soldier. was killed in afghanistan earlier in thmonth. will be buried at arlington national cemetery next week. the senate finance
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committee's state vote tomorrow on a health care reform bill. today the u.s. health insurance industry released a report that claims the pending legislation will drive up insurance rates for american families. the white house released a statement this afternoon calling the analysis distorted and flawed. a grocery store clerk is ref recovering tonight. it all went down saturday afternoon at a store. police say the woman had just bought something using a $100 bill when someone attacked her for her change. clinton smith jr. fought off the robber but was shot in the process. the gunman got away. coming up in this half hour at news4 at 6:00, we'll hear from the redskins' head man jim zorn when lindsay and dan join us from redskins park. and a me go had found three bags of money. and plus many doctor's offices and convenient stores are reporting a shortage of the seasonal flu vaccine. key developments tonight in the battle against the swine flu. three new studies are giving
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doctors a better understanding of why yngsters seem to be more susceptible to the condition and why some people die from it. also new evidence of what appears to be an effective way to fight the virus. tracie potts has our report. >> reporter: nurses at children's hospital in denver get the swine flu vaccine. >> we are starting with our staff in the emergency room and our staff in the intensive care units and up on the floor is where our patients are actually housed for h1n1. >> reporter: government health officials are pushing the vaccine for health care workers and other vulnerable groups as new studies show just how dangerous swine flu can be especially in children. >> reporter: even the healthy kids don't have any immunity to this. the journal of the american medical association reports in canada young adults became critically ill very quickly, multiple organs failed, and patients needed prolonged ventilation. a separate stu from australia found pumps like this which pumpsk gen into the blood.
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>> this is a pretty invasive procedure so it's not done without careful consideration. >> reporter: in mexico where the outbreak started last spring, a third study reports a 40% fatality rate among young patients. that's why the u.s. is pushing this new vaccine. >> we know that this vaccine works. we know its safety profile. >> reporter: but experts say no one, not even health care workers should be forced to take it. some doctors remain skeptical. >> you can't persuade physicians to get this vaccine voluntarily, what kind of message does that say to the public? >>eporter: a public now in the middle of what's already an unusually active flu season. tracie potts, nbc4, washington. in short supply across our area. walgreens and cvs, two of the nation's largest pharmacies, are reporting shortages at some stores.
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some doctors say the unprecedented demand is about the health issue swine flu. urging calm of getting vaccinated for both strains of the virus. >> does not peak until january, february, march. plenty of time to get it in november, january and february. >> going out as quickly as possible. so far 77 million doses have been shipped to the u.s. >> a montgomery county man who was shot as he sbould his garage last week is awake now and he's talking to police. ashoka mody. darcy spencer reports. >> reporter: ashoka moddy, was shot and wound last thursday.
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police say while his injurs were considered life-threatening it appears that mody is improving. >> as of last night in the hospital investigators were able to communicate with th victim so we believe that's going to help us. >> reporter: and can you say what he was able to share with police? >> we're not releasing that at this time. >> reporter: police still have not made an arrest in the shooting. it happened on millwood road in the kenwood park section of bethesda where crime is virtually unheard of. >> i know that some people called each other and said, hey, make sure that your garage doors are closed right now and move your cars into the garage and mauk sure your alarms are. >> reporter: police say they believe the ips dent is isolated and right now they don't believe the attack was associated with mody's work at imf. >> we have no indication that it is related to his position with the imf. >> reporter: the shooting has geneted a lot of attention on the internet, websites and list serves.
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bernstein a local eighth grader who lives here in the shooting scene say he and friends were in steady communication about the shooting thursday night. >> it was just status after status, story after story, they were all pretty much different. pretty different stories. >> reporter: the ken wood park citizens aassociation also has a list serve where residents were le to find out information and share their thoughts and concerns about the shooting. >> our list serve comes most our smartphones or to our e-mail addre addresses, anything that is posted it goes right to that and see it right away. >> reporter: the victim was able to provide a description of the person who shot him. he says he was wearing a mask and dark clothing and was last seen running from the area. at this point police are not saying whether any words were exchanged or whether anything was taken from the victim. in bethesda, darcy spencer, news4. >> police also would not say what information mody was able to provide but they do say they hope the information helps investigators track down his attacker. police officers in chevy
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chase village in maryland, may be getting stun guns. tonight the village board of managers will hear a present fration police chief roy gordon. he wants to buy 12 taser stun guns with some the revenue generated by the village's speed cameras. shoot a pr of darts that can deliver 50,000 volts of electricity to a person's body. and most cases the person subdued pretty quickly. the taser proposal is controversy though. some county officials say speed camera revenue should be used to improve traffic safety. while others are opposed to stun guns in general. tonight's meeting begins at 7:30 at the village hall. we now know what sparked a fire at a buddhist temple yesterday in silver spring, maryland. officials say someone at the temple extinguished materials improperly. more than 200 people managed to escape that fire which started just before noon. the building was heavily damaged but fortunately no one was hurt. meanwhile, a 70-year-old man is
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in critical condition. it happened at the townley court apartments at 40th place and northwest. d.c. fire officials say firefighters found the man unconscious in the basement unit. the cause of that fire is under investigation. service on the metro's expected to return to normal in time for people headed back to work tomorrow. metro operated on a saturday schedule for columbus day today and several stations were closed over the weekend because of track work. metro closed the waterfront and archives metro stations and a stretch of the green line was closed suspending service between navy yard and gallery place. once again regular metro service is expected to resume tomorw morning. there was a wreath-laying ceremony in the district today in honor of columbus day. people gathered at the columbus memorial statue in front of union station to pay tribute to christopher columbus. led that tribute as the wreaths were laid at the base of the statue. columbus day was declared a national holiday back in 1971. meanwhile a larger celebration in new york, thousands of folks
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lined fifth avenue in midtown manhattan for the 65th aual columbus day paraded. the grand marshal was home depot founder. he says the honor was redemption of his grandparents' dream he joined michael bloomberg. coming up on news4 we'll tell you about a deadly crane dead in downtown philadelphia this afternoon. also massive landslide's forced a highway to shut down. we'll tell you about a little bit more about that. and the guy who slept through a fire that torched his house.
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good evening, bob ryan, storm center4. boy a chilly day today. germantown, it's 52 right now. 42 earlier this morning and as other areas did not get above 60 deees. you can see all of the 50s especially around richmond down into the tide water area, that's area that did get some rain. once again there is that area of rain. a lile bit of storminess to our south. a lot of wet weather in october in north carolina. mardly anything around here. overnight tonight we'll be seeing temperatures tomorrow getting up to around 70 degrees. heading out to school tomorrow it will be a bundle up morning. partly cloudy but chilly. temperatures into the 50s. the next seven days, rain that we do need, i think that comes
6:42 pm
in by thursday, maybe late thursday, onto friday. friday does look like a wet day. temperatures for friday only about 50 degrees. some leftover chilliness and maybe showers for the early part of the weekend. back to you. >> well, part of a busy highway in central washington state is now buried after a massive landslide there. other sections of the roadway are heavily damaged as well. the piled dirt and rocks also blocked a nearby river. when the water crushed the slide it flooded several nearby homes as well. evacuated as a precaution. no injuries reported. electricity will be out of that area until crews can repair a couple of damaged power lines. a crane collapsed in downtown philadelphia in afternoon killing one person and injury offing several others. it happened after 1:00. authorities say a crane was on a sidewalk after it fell onto its side and hit a building. nearby cars and trees were also crashed. >> you know that man or woman who can sleep just about anything, they probably can't sleep through something like
6:43 pm
this, but a pennsylvania man could. over the weekend the man's home caught fire and partially collapsed. the man was sound asleep. didn't even wake up. firefighters put out flames and when they walked through the house that's when the guy decided to finally wake up and at one point he actually yelled at them, "what you are doing breaking my windows?" the man had no idea what was going on. firefighters say they're amazed anyone survived the blaze. the man was just treated for smoke inhalation. >> that's a lucky dude. >> my dad can sleep hard, like he's a hard sleeper, nothing like that though. >> scarey to think about. coming up on our news, how much money a guy was given. the redskins ain't looking like that lindsay czarniak. >> no they are, nos craig. trying to fill the holes on the offensive line and also if baseball the phillies trying to knock off the rockies and back to the nfl, cowboys wide receiver, well, he has a career day in yesterday's win over the
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ooh. >> they look kind of discouraged out there, don't they? >> yeah, yeah, yeah, but you know what, someone said this earlier still a lot of football left. >> there you go, that's right. >> unbridled optimism. you have to have that if you're a redskins fan, huh, lindsay. >> optimism but not here at redskins here. you said it earlier, dan, but this team, everyone kept talking about if the offensive line stays healthy in the preseason, well, they laernds today that starting left tackle chris samuels, who you can really say is the bread and butter of this offensive line is not going to
6:47 pm
be able to play next week against the kansas city chiefs. a serious blow for this team as th try to put things together. >> yeah and there is a chance he may not be able to play for a few games. we do not know the extent of his neck injury out. this is not going to be an easy task even against a bad team. >> it's not and their plan is to move left tackle, it will be stephon heyer moving there. take you backs to the field though down in carolina and show you how this happened to chris. anthony bat east is the guy who got time in there because starting left tackle was injured on the second play of the game. since he cannot play kansas city the redskins are going to piece together an even more patchwork line. he feels the leadership is good on the line but is it enough to make these guys gel quickly?
6:48 pm
>> i think that these guys, they're staying together. they're trying to pull things together. i think that buggs' doing a wonderful job trying to keep them together and not everything is gelling but that doesn't mean that we cannot overcome these things and that's what we're aimed to do. >> i just think we need to put this game behind us. focus on what's to come, what's next and really just get prepared for the next game. you have to. you have to have short memory, put games behind you. look forward. i think that we have a group of guys on this team who are looking forward to this upcoming game. >> derrick dockery knows that this line has to work very quick to try to find that chemistry that they need against the kansas city chiefs but it's interesting today in the locker room not a lot of guys who wanted to talk. the ones who did, kept hearing them say, guys need to show more fight out there but put the blame on their own shoulders is what they say for these losses. >> the veal the they're running
6:49 pm
out of time. >> they are. >> a great time in tom boswell's column today. is there light at the end of the tunnel? first come the chiefs and then the locomotives. that's the real schedule. so easy and the panthers were another one of those easy teams. the redskins built a 15-point lead in the second half which was their biggest lead that they'd ever had under jim zor in the second half and then blow it. probably the biggest game changer came on a punt by the panthers in the fourth quarter and you kw exactly what play i'm talking about. theye calling it a muff punt. skins up 17-12. antwaan randle el is back to receive. the fair catch around the 23 yard line. gets a bit crowd and byron westbrook is pushed into randle el which nullifies the catch. panthers recover. and then two plays later they hit pay dirt. jonathan stewart waltzes in for the eight-yard touchdown giving
6:50 pm
the panthers the lead for good. another frustrating chain of events in a season that's quickly going in the wrong direction. robb cartwright was asked this morning if the morale has ever been this bad? >> no, it hasn't. like i say it was similar when spurrier was here binothing this bad but nothing that we can do about it. continue to play because that's wa we get paid to do is to play football. right now we're struggling but it's a long season. it's no sprint marathon so we're going to keep going. >> you can't look for no solutions. here's our solution, we right here, us, as redskins, offense, defense, special teams, do something. make aplay. that's the solution. >> i think that guys have to get excited about playing this game again. when we're out on the field i don't see the celebrations and things that we used to do. get excited, love playing this game. if you don't love playing this game then you're in the wrong
6:51 pm
sport. >> i don't think that anyone loves this game more than daniels. a torn biceps. two reports. one off of the bone, one a partial tear. i don't care which one it is he has a torn bicep muscle. he's going to play through it. he says he'll have surgery whenever he decides to stop playing. >> they say the doctors recommended that he gets surgery but the repair time is five to seven months and he said i don't have fife to seven months because the redskins need me. the redskins have released punter greg pav liveac. and possibly brought wynn in to fill in with any issues phillip daniels. els wewhere in the nfl. the chiefs, however, really gave the cowboys a run for their money yesterday. they took the game into overtime. in the end it was the cowboys that prevailed. back down kansas city. matt cassel of the kansas city chiefs would have to rally the
6:52 pm
chiefs. send the game to overtime. 29 seconds to go. chiefs down by seven facing fourth and seven from the 26. cassel from the pocket, steps up, finds dwayne bowe in the end zone between two cowboys. tie the game at 20. wade phillips' defense could not hold a lead. impressive lead by cassel. tony romo and the cowboys get their chance on second and 15 from his own 40. romo finds miles austin at midfield. in guy had a heck of a game. austin breaks the tackle is off to the races, 60 yards here in game-winning score. ten catches, two 50 yards. two catch petz cowboys beat the chiefs in overtime 26-20 and certainly the chiefs will come rolling into fedexfield with plenty of momentum. speaking of momentum the philadelphia phillies, the phillies right now are in the midst of a game against the rockies. they're leading 1-0 and they're certainly trying to eliminate the rockies after last night it was a marathon, four-hour -- >> i couldn't believe so long.
6:53 pm
>> -- six minute game. take you to the field. temperatures in denver. dipped below freezing last night. it was so cold. but you know what, if there's a team that will not bother it'll be the phillies. much to the first, chase utly up. the all-star takes jason hammels to right center field. that puppy's gone. a sol home run. so the phillies are able to jump ahead take the early lead and they're so clutch in these ball games in the postseason. bottom of the fourth, rockies down 4-3. carlos gonzalez broke it to right field. a solo shot would tie the game at four. hence, you could see the time start to gather. bottom of the ninth phillies up 6-5. brad lidge who all of a sudden has found his pace again trying to end the game. he gets troy tulowitzki to fly out to left field to end the game. phillies win, 6-5. lead the series two games to one. we'll see if they can full out tonight. but back out here at redskins park, a disappointing, frustrating day, i would say but they'll certainly try to find the positive. >> searching for answers.
6:54 pm
>>ias. >> it sound today like jim zorn sounded like joe gibbs during that press conference. only so much that you can say. >> and also speaking of saying we heard some the players and carlos rogers in particular saying everyone needs to take a look. when you hear that you know that the desperation's setting in. back to you guys. >> painful for all of those guys on the team. we'll tell you about a me go found several bags of money
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
♪ >> that is 12-year-old musician abby miller. she and her friends sang outside of union station this morning. they're collecting love notes and donations for their friend taylor love. she's a 4-year-old girl with stage 4 cancer. every night taylor's mom reads those notes of encouragement to her daughtery. 100% of the money that her friends are collecting will go to cancer pediatric research. taylor's cancer is current flee remission. >> there's a new exhibit opening tomorrow at the library of congress on capitol hill. the library is displaying dozens of editorial cartoons by herblock. he would had been 100 years ago tomorrow. drew political cartoons for
6:57 pm
several decades about. worked from the "post" since 1947. curators at library of congress say the exhibit features his distinctive cartoon style that influenced artists who followed him and many of the subjects that herblock drew are still vexing america today. opens tomorrow at the library of congress. >> time for a final check of the forecast. hi, bob. >> hi, greg and doreen. the rains that have been -- we could use them here. moving off of virginia beach. our temperatures right now into the mid 50s. hagerstown, martinsburg in the low 50s. a lot of 50s around. overnight tonight these high clouds that you can see will continue to break up. tomorrow we'll be back into some sunshinen what a difference with that sunshine, temperatures tomorrow i think near 70 degrees. as we get into late thursday and on into friday, that's the chance finally for some needed rains and some pretty chilly air that'll be hanging around for the weekend. back to you. >> tonight at 11:00 a
6:58 pm
sophisticated crime targets customers of one bank. instead of getting money when putting their money into an atm, dozens of people unknowingly open their accounts to criminals and also on the latest of a protest that's being held on top of britain's house of parliament. and an incredible rescue caught on tape after a gasoline pump catches fire and falls on a man who's filling up. back 1981, two bags of money fell out of an armored car in philadelphia. they contained more than $1 million. he kept it but he also shared it. he started passing out hundred dollar bills in his neighborhood. he became something of local folk hero and then he got caught. >> of course he did. >> he was about to catch a flight to acapulco when he was arrested at the airport. on the other hand the guy in taiwan played it much differently. yesterday he was riding his motorcycle in downtown taiwan when three bags of money fell from an armored car. he picked up the money and
6:59 pm
turned it in. the good samitan is eligible for a rewar of almost $50,000 for returning the money he found. he said he was not even tempted to keep it. >> how about fla? >> it wasn't his. >> "nightly news" is next.


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